SUCK SQUEEZE BANG BLOW { 32 images } Created 5 Aug 2010

Steg Von Heintz, a fixture on the N.Y.C. Harley scene from the early 1990's, builds hardcore choppers; machines of distinction. He, along with archetypical biker and personality, Indian Larry, saddled up and opened the original Psycho Cycles in the bowels of NYC's Lower East Side when it was still no-man's land. After Larry's untimely death, Steg withdrew to California, choosing to keep a low profile, planning his next move and dreaming of the bike that'll take him to a world speed record.

Having lost track of time and one another, Steg and I reconnected after 15 years. A couple of months later I was on my way to Seattle to visit Steg, shoot some stills and begin documenting this project.

"Hell, your machine is going to be moving... fast. We need to shoot this as a documentary film."

SUCK SQUEEZE BANG BLOW is a documentary about Steg Von Heintz's quest for a world speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats where he'll ride a Harley Davidson powered motorcycle built from the ground up in his shop, Psycho Cycles, now located in Seattle, Washington.

The bike is planned out; the construction is about to start; the wheels are rolling.

This is just the beginning.
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