NEW YORK NOISES { 15 images } Created 8 Aug 2010


Digital cameras have allowed us to shoot sharper and clearer images, and allow us to manipulate them in ways that were unthinkable when film was the main photographic medium. "New York Noises" takes us on a different path; atypical of what digital photography professes to be. It is untamed and on occasion unruly, dependent on some luck as with any "decisive moments".

Abstract in its distortions and impressionistic in its delivery, "New York Noises" takes us on a visual journey at times reminiscent of Pointillist paintings and sketches of George Seurat, Paul Signac and Camille Pissarro.

Impressionists exploited available light going as far as working outdoors - en plain air. With that same approach, I opted to shoot with light available to me at the time. Rarely do I find the need to manipulate it preferring to work with it and around it; pursuing light and chasing shadows in my endeavor to seize it. Light, in all its glory and tonality, is the paint I choose to apply; the camera, my brush; Impressionism, in a sense, my discipline in the same way Impressionist painters dissected and transferred it to canvas.

The images are printed on 20x30 digital C-print glossy paper.
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